Studio Langues & Mobilité gives you the best services possible in Translation, Interpretation and Proofreading.

I also read books and novels and write summaries and criticism for publishers, newspapers and magazines. 


Feel free to navigate on my site and discover what I can do for you. 


Contact me and I will answer quickly with all the information you are looking for as well as a clear quotation for my services. 


My work languages are French, English and Dutch.

I also speak German and understand Italian and Afrikaans.



Dr. Isabelle Barth


If you are looking for anybody to translate a document for you, please feel free to contact me.


Just send me an email or contact me via the contact form and you will get an answer on the same day  - or send an email to : isabelle.barth.traduction@gmail.com


I can translate quickly and accurately. Do not hesitate to give me your translations.

My speciality fields will give you an idea of the fields in which I translate best. If your document deals with something outside of my list, feel free to contact me, I may be able to translate it for you. 



Whether you are looking for simultaneous interpretation for a conference or only interpretation between a few people, do not hesitate to contact me.

Either I can travel or I can interpret via Skype.


Interpretation via Skype helps you to work wherever you are in the world and talk with you partners wherever they are without having to travel.

Just contact me and I will give you my Skype pseudo once we have arrange the meetings and conditions. 


Sometimes you get translation which are not in a proper tongue. Some corrections have to be done. I can proofread your texts and give you a text in perfect English when needed.


The text I would give you back will be easily and nicely readable.


This proofreading job is a long job. It takes time to be done properly. 


You might be looking for for someone who could read a book for you and write a review.

I can read for you as I am already doing for some publishers and magazines and/or newspapers.

Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can talk about it.