My life as an expat is...

In this workshop, we will look at what it is to live in a country which is not our home country. Considering the ups and downs of expat life, we will see how best we can live in this other country. What can we do? Where can we find help? Why do we need to be resilient? How can we be resilient?


This workshop will be held on Thursday 5 May from 10 am to noon

Price : € 60 per person (€ 45 if you bring 2 friends)

Place : Cork 


-> send an email to Isabelle at : to book your seat


In this workshop we will look at the different phases of expat life, especially when married to a local person and living in his/her country.

We will talk about career, family, quality of life...

We will see how what seems to be an obstacle could in fact be an opportunity to start something new; what seems to be going agains you in your new country could in fact bring you to a new you, a new life… 

You may find it difficult to call this country your home, let's see what can be done to help you...


Calling this foreign country your home could be difficult, let's do it together, let me help you!!

  • this workshop will last 2 hours
  • we will talk about the life of an expat person married to local person
  • you will meet like-minded people
  • the number of participants is limited at 7 as it will give me the chance to give attention to each of them
  • if you are happy and new more personal attention and time, I can then give you that time either in a face-to-face meeting or via Skype


Do not forget to register on time to secure a space.

Reserve your seat in sending an email to:  

and in making your payment via bank transfer before the workshop (the bank details will be sent to you once registered)